ANSI / DIN / BS 420 Stainless Steel Flanges

ANSI / DIN / BS 420 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer

ANSI / DIN / BS 420 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer, Stockist, and Supplier in Mumbai, India

ANSI / DIN / BS 420 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer & Supplier

Stainless Steel 420 Flanges are Crafted from high-carbon steel exhibit commendable corrosion resistance, toughness, and strength properties. With a composition comprising 0.15% carbon, along with manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and up to 14% chromium, these flanges offer versatile applications. Various types, including the UNS S42000 Slip On Flange, orifice flange, threaded flange, weld neck flange, blind flange, and others, are utilized in diverse application scenarios. The material can undergo heat treatment to enhance hardness, and it achieves high strength when annealed.

The AISI SS 420 Weld Neck Flange features a welded neck, serving as a support for holding the pipe during welding, and offering additional strength. The material boasts a minimum tensile strength of up to 1600MPa and a minimum yield strength of up to 1360MPa, depending on the treatment temperature. The WNR 1.4021 Blind Flange is a type designed for sealing applications, available in various shapes. Flange types include threaded, screwed, forged, or plate flanges, determined by the production technique. SS 420 pipe flanges adhere to different specifications and standards, with varying dimensions and sizes ranging from ½ inches to 48 inches. Additionally, flanges come in different face types, such as Stainless Steel 420 Ring Joint Type Flanges, flat face flanges, and raised face flanges.

Stainless Steel 420 is a martensitic stainless steel that is capable of being hardened, representing a modification of Alloy 410. Similar to 410, it contains a minimum of 12% chromium, providing sufficient corrosion-resistant properties. Alloy 420 features a higher carbon content than Alloy 410, designed to enhance strength and hardness characteristics. While it exhibits good ductility in the annealed state, it can be hardened up to a Rockwell hardness of 50 HRC, the highest among the 12% chromium grades.

Due to its hardening properties, Alloy 420 is not commonly welded, although it is feasible. Martensitic stainless steels are engineered for high hardness, and in some cases, other properties may be somewhat compromised. Corrosion resistance is lower compared to the typical austenitic grades, and their operational range is limited by reduced flexibility at sub-zero temperatures and strength loss due to over-treatment at elevated temperatures. Optimal corrosion resistance is achieved when the metal is hardened and the surface is ground and polished.

We manufacture and supply a diverse range of Stainless Steel 420 Flanges, including SS 420 socket weld Flanges, SS 420 Lap Joint Flanges, SS 420 Long Weld Neck Flanges, SS 420 Orifice Flanges, SS 420 Slip On Flanges, SS 420 Threaded Flanges, SS 420 Weld Neck Flanges, SS 420 Blind Flanges, and SS 420 AWWA Flanges, SS 420 Groove Flanges, SS 420 Spectacle Blind Flanges, SS 420 Spade Flanges, SS 420 Tongue Flanges, SS 420 Ring Spacer Flanges, SS 420 Reducing Flanges, SS 420, among others.

Types of 420 Grade Stainless Steel Flanges

Specification of Stainless Steel 420 Flanges

Specification :Stainless Steel 420 Flange
Supporting Flange Material:Ring Joint, Flange Bolts, Gasket
Design For Size:ASA, ASME, DIN, PN, JIS, ANSI, BS, EN
Common Types of SS Flange :Flanges 150 LB WNRF
600# BLRF
Class 300 RTJ
Class 900 SORF
Size Chart :1/2″ (15 NB) To 48″ (1200NB)
Production Process:Forged, Heat Treated and Machined
Coating Flange Faces :Oil Black Paint, Anti-rust Paint, Zinc Plated, Yellow Transparent, Cold and Hot Dip Galvanized
Application:Fabrication Industry
Oil And Gas Industry
Nuclear Power Plant
Chemical Industry
Natural Gas Industry
Water Pipeline Industry
Stainless Steel 304L Flange Standards:ASME B16.38, EN-1092, BS10, DIN, PN, ASME B16.47 (Series A, Series B), JIS, ISO, GOST, UNI, AWWA, MSS SP44, ASME B16.5
Pressure Rating Table:Class 150 LBS, Class 300 LBS, Class 600 LBS, Class 900 LBS, Class 1500 LBS, Class 2500 LBS
Connect Type Type:LMF Flange, SMF Flange, LJF Flange, RF Flange, FF Flange, RTJ Flange
Flange Machining Equipment:Bending machine, Pushing Machine, electric bevelling machine, Sand-blasting machine, Press machine etc

We manufacture and export ANSI / DIN / BS Stainless Steel 420 flanges to the following countries

Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Tibet, Argentina, Estonia, Malaysia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Finland, South Africa, Iran, Bolivia, Nigeria, Spain, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Algeria, Japan, France, India, Angola, Ukraine, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Lithuania, Chile, Thailand, New Zealand, Venezuela, Iraq, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Brazil, Bahrain, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, China, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Switzerland, Nigeria, Chile, Namibia, Philippines, United States, Egypt, Nepal, Mongolia, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Mexico, Libya, Hong Kong, Hungary, Gabon, Austria, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Peru, Mexico, Israel, Lebanon, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Iran, Russia, Morocco, Gambia, Greece, Belarus, Bhutan, Macau, South Korea, Australia, Kenya, Portugal, Croatia, Ireland, Afghanistan, Ghana, Qatar, Romania, Poland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Colombia, Slovakia, Kuwait, Costa Rica.