ANSI / DIN / BS 430 Stainless Steel Flanges

ANSI / DIN / BS 430 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer

ANSI / DIN / BS 430 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer, Stockist, and Supplier in Mumbai, India

ANSI / DIN / BS 430 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer & Supplier

Stainless Steel 430 Flanges are manufacturted of a material with 16% chromium, carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and iron. SS 430 flanges have high strength and high temperature resistance. The material boasts a minimum tensile strength of 600MPa and a minimum yield strength of 260MPa, with a melting point of 1510 degrees Celsius. Various types of flanges, including the UNS S43000 Slip On Flange, weld neck flange, socket weld flange, blind flange, and others, are available in this category.

The slip-on flange finds application in seamless pipe installations. The ANSI / DIN / BS SS 430 Weld Neck Flange features a welded neck, maximizing the connection surface. Both socket flanges and weld neck flanges secure the pipe during welding while providing additional strength to the connection. Flanges exhibit variations in specifications, standards, and dimensions, with sizes ranging from ½ inches to 48 inches.

The SS 430 Blind Flange is employed at the end of pipes, serving to close a pipeline. Various types of blind flanges can be either permanently connected through welding or temporarily secured with bolts and nuts. SS 430 pipe flanges also come in different face and production types. Production types include screwed, threaded, forged, and plate flanges, with threaded flanges suitable for applications involving threaded end pipes.

Face types encompass Stainless Steel 430 Ring Joint Type Flanges, raised face flanges, and flat face flanges. These flanges find applications in general corrosive environments, water lines, oil and gas sectors, petroleum industries, and structural applications.

We manufacture and supply a diverse range of Stainless Steel 430 Flanges, including SS 430 socket weld Flanges, SS 430 Lap Joint Flanges, SS 430 Long Weld Neck Flanges, SS 430 Orifice Flanges, SS 430 Slip On Flanges, SS 430 Threaded Flanges, SS 430 Weld Neck Flanges, SS 430 Blind Flanges, and SS 430 AWWA Flanges, SS 430 Groove Flanges, SS 430 Spectacle Blind Flanges, SS 430 Spade Flanges, SS 430 Tongue Flanges, SS 430 Ring Spacer Flanges, SS 430 Reducing Flanges, SS 430, among others.

Types of 430 Grade Stainless Steel Flanges

Specification of Stainless Steel 430 Flanges

SpecificationsASTM A182 / A240 & ASME SA182 / SA240
MaterialStainless Steel 430 (UNS S43000 )
DimensionANSI/ASME B16.5, B 16.47 Series A & B, B16.48, BS4504, BS 10, EN-1092, DIN, etc.
StandardANSI Flanges, ASME Flanges, BS Flanges, DIN Flanges, EN Flanges, etc.
Size1/2″ (15 NB) to 48″ (1200NB)
Class150 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS, DIN Standard ND-6,10, 16, 25, 40 Etc.
Flange Face TypeFlate Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

430 Flanges Pressure Rating

ASME/ANSI B 16.5Welding Neck, Slip on, Blind, High Hub Blind, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Threaded, Ring Type Joint
Pressure Class150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
ASME/ANSI B 16.47Welding Neck, Blind [Series A & B]
Pressure Class75, 150, 300, 400, 600, 900
ASME/ANSI B 16.36Welding Neck, Slip on, Threaded
Pressure Class300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
BS 4504 SEC 3.1Welding Neck, Hubbed Slip on, Hubbed Threaded, Lapped Pipe End, Plate, Loose Plate, Loose Plate With Weld Neck, Blank
Pressure ClassPN 2.5 TO PN 40
BS 4504[PART 1]Welding Neck, Hubbed Slip-On Hubbed Threaded, Plate, Loose Plate With Weld On Plate Collar, Blank
Pressure ClassPN 2.5 TO PN 400
BS 1560 BOSSWelding Neck, Socket Welding, Slip-On, Blind, Screwed Boss, Lapped
Pressure Class150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
BS10Welding Neck, Plate Slip-On, Screwed Boss, Slip-On Boss, Blind
TableD, E, F, H
DINsDIN 2527, 2566, 2573, 2576, 2641,2642, 2655, 2656, 2627, 2628, 2629, 2631, 2632, 2633, 2634, 2635, 2636, 2637,2638, 2673
Pressure ClassPN 6 TO PN 100

We manufacture and export ANSI / DIN / BS Stainless Steel 430 flanges to the following countries

Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Tibet, Argentina, Estonia, Malaysia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Finland, South Africa, Iran, Bolivia, Nigeria, Spain, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Algeria, Japan, France, India, Angola, Ukraine, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Lithuania, Chile, Thailand, New Zealand, Venezuela, Iraq, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Brazil, Bahrain, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, China, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Switzerland, Nigeria, Chile, Namibia, Philippines, United States, Egypt, Nepal, Mongolia, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Mexico, Libya, Hong Kong, Hungary, Gabon, Austria, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Peru, Mexico, Israel, Lebanon, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Iran, Russia, Morocco, Gambia, Greece, Belarus, Bhutan, Macau, South Korea, Australia, Kenya, Portugal, Croatia, Ireland, Afghanistan, Ghana, Qatar, Romania, Poland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Colombia, Slovakia, Kuwait, Costa Rica.