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Stainless steel grades 304, 304L, and 304H represent distinct variations used in crafting CNC components. Each grade possesses distinctive properties and features, rendering it suitable for diverse applications in CNC production.

The stainless steel grade UNS S30400 stands as the most extensively employed variant, acclaimed for its exceptional corrosion resistance and strength. This versatile grade finds application in various fields such as food processing equipment, kitchen appliances, and surgical instruments. Additionally, its robustness and durability make it a prevalent choice in crafting CNC components.

UNS S30403, a low-carbon iteration of 304, is recognized for its enhanced weldability and formability. This variant is frequently employed in manufacturing CNC components that necessitate welding or bending, such as pipes and tubing. Moreover, it finds application in the production of pressure vessels and boilers.

UNS S30403, characterized by elevated strength and hardness, represents a high-carbon adaptation of 304. This variant is widely employed in crafting CNC components demanding robust strength, such as valves and fittings. Additionally, it finds application in the manufacturing of heat exchangers and other high-temperature applications.

The three stainless steel grades, namely 304, 304L, and 304H, belong to the austenitic category, acclaimed for their exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Notably non-magnetic and featuring a low coefficient of thermal expansion, these grades prove ideal for CNC components necessitating precise measurements and tight tolerances.

Regarding machinability, the three DIN grades 1.4301, 1.4306/1.4307, and 1.4301 exhibit ease of machining and can be processed using standard tooling. Additionally, they are readily polishable, allowing for a high level of shine and smoothness in the finishing process.

Stainless steel grades 304, 304L, and 304H find common usage in crafting CNC components, with each grade boasting distinctive properties suitable for varied applications. Stainless steel 304 excels in corrosion resistance and strength, 304L in improved weldability and formability, and 304H in heightened strength and hardness. Notably, all three grades share non-magnetic characteristics and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, rendering them well-suited for CNC components demanding precision in measurements and tight tolerances.

Specification of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H CNC Component

Product NameCNC MachineComponent
Stainless Steel CNC Machined ComponentsASTM A 182 F 202, 304, 309, 310, 316, 316L, 317L, 321, 347, 904L
Duplex Steel CNC Machined ComponentsASTM / ASME / A/SA 182 UNS No. 31803, 2205
Super Duplex Steel CNC Machined ComponentsASTM / ASME / A/SA 182 UNS No. 32550, 32750, 32760, 2205, 2507
High Nickle Alloy CNC Machined ComponentsASTM / ASME SB 524 / 160 / 472 / NIckle 200, NIckle 201, Monel 400, Monel K500, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825, Hastelloy C726, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy B2
Copper Nickel CNC Machined ComponentsCupro Nickle 70/30 (70600)
Cupro Nickle 90/10 (71500)
Size2D AutoCad & 3D Mechnical Drawing as per your requirment
TypeAny Shape & Accurace Size Like turning, Drilling, Different Design (In Milling Machine)
ThicknessAny Thickness
CNC Machined Components CapacityAbout 100000 & Above Pc Per Month
Tolerance+/-0.01mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery.
ProcessingCNC turning, CNC milling, CNC machining, Grinding, EDM wire cutting.
Surface treatmentAnodizing, brushing, galvanized, laser engraving, silk printing, polishing, powder coating etc.
Testing equipmentCMM, tool microscope, multi-joint arm, automatic height gauge, manual height gauge,
dial gauge, marble platform, roughness measurement.
File FormatsSolid Works, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF, DWG), PDF, TIF etc.

Equivalent Grades of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H CNC Component

SS 304S304001.4301Z7CN18‐09X5CrNi18-10SUS 304304S3108Х18Н10
SS 304LS304031.4306/1.4307Z3CN18‐10X2CrNi18-9 / X2CrNi19-11SUS 304L304S1103Х18Н11
SS 304HS304091.4301

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H CNC Component

SS 3040.08 max2 max0.75 max0.045 max0.030 max18 – 208 – 11
SS 304L0.035 max2.0 max1.0 max0.045 max0.03 max18 – 208 – 13
SS 304H0.10 max2 max0.75 max0.045 max0.03 max18 – 208 – 10.5

Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H CNC Component

DensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
8.0 g/cm31400 °C (2550 °F)Psi – 75000 , MPa – 515Psi – 30000 , MPa – 20535 %


Application Of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H CNC Component

The application of CNC components crafted from Stainless Steel 304, 304L, and 304H spans a diverse range of industries and purposes, owing to the unique properties and characteristics of each grade.

  1. Industrial Machinery:

    • Stainless Steel 304 components are widely employed in industrial machinery due to their excellent corrosion resistance and strength. These components contribute to the durability and reliability of various machinery parts.
  2. Piping Systems:

    • Stainless Steel 304L CNC components, with their improved weldability and formability, are commonly used in the fabrication of pipes and tubing. Their versatility makes them suitable for applications in diverse piping systems.
  3. High-Strength Applications:

    • CNC components made from Stainless Steel 304H, known for increased strength and hardness, find applications in areas requiring robust performance. This includes the production of valves, fittings, and other components subjected to high-stress conditions.
  4. Food Processing Equipment:

    • Stainless Steel 304 is a preferred choice for CNC components in the food processing industry. Its corrosion resistance makes it ideal for equipment such as conveyors, mixers, and processing machinery.
  5. Medical Instruments:

    • The non-magnetic properties and corrosion resistance of all three grades (304, 304L, 304H) make them suitable for the manufacture of surgical and medical instruments, ensuring precision and hygiene.
  6. Heat Exchangers:

    • Stainless Steel 304H CNC components are utilized in the production of heat exchangers and other high-temperature applications, where elevated strength and durability are crucial.
  7. Precision Components:

    • The low coefficient of thermal expansion of these stainless steel grades makes them well-suited for CNC components requiring precise measurements and tight tolerances. This is crucial in applications where accuracy is paramount, such as aerospace and automotive industries.
  8. Architectural Applications:

    • Stainless Steel 304 components are often utilized in architectural designs, providing a sleek and corrosion-resistant material for elements like railings, fixtures, and decorative elements.

Packaging Of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H CNC Component

We employ the safest and most effective packaging methods for all types of deliveries. Our goods are securely packed using a variety of methods, including:

  • Wooden Boxes
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Shrink-Wrapped
  • Carton Boxes
  • Wooden crates


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